About Us

My name is Rekha Magon and I am the co-founder of Inner Rhythm, an organization based out of Montreal, Canada. Our mission is to help propagate and instil the concept of mindfulness to young children within daycares, schools and homes in North America -and hopefully throughout the world. I was born into an environment that promotes deep mindfulness and stillness. Growing up in this environment allowed me to excel academically, manage my emotions so that they facilitated rather than interfered with my goals, establish positive relationships and make responsible decisions. Being more aware of my state of mind helped me live in a harmonious flow. 

Through Inner Rhythm, I aim to give all children the same opportunity I was given. My experience coupled with the mindfulness curriculum training from Mindful Schools and many other resources, helped my team and I gather tested and proven exercises and activities; to ensure that the curriculum we offer children and teachers is comprehensive and effective. It took months of research, personal practice and networking to develop the Inner Rhythm curriculum and products to ensure that they carried the perfect balance between the mindfulness core competencies.