As I sat in meditation these words came to me, “the womb of Silence,” and with them it was as if there were a tremendous silence, large and round, and this was the Womb out of which all creation came. All creation was formed in this womb of Silence. There was not a man, but there was a universe: the earth, the rocks, the trees, streams, seas, skies, suns, moons, and planets-all this flowing forth as an unfoldment from this huge Womb of penetrating, complete stillness-yet more than stillness: absolute silence, quietness. It moves as if in a rhythm, and this rhythm not only forms it, but sustains creation with everything in its rightful place. Looking out into this universe, you can see that there is cold-snow and ice-in the north and warmth in the south, flowers and trees of one nature in the north and of another in the south. This rhythm, the rhythm that is flowing from that Silence, maintains and sustains creation beautifully, all in its order.

Eventually, man appears here and there on the face of the globe, also maintained by this rhythm that flows within his consciousness. It is a flow of rhythm that maintains the activity of the body, the organs and their functions. Everything seems to be responsive to this rhythm, and all this rhythm is flowing forth from that Womb into form as grace, beauty, order, peace. The relationship between all these forms is harmonious. We could use the words “love” or “loving,” but there is no love or loving: there is only a naturalness of peace, contentment, and this is the rhythm in expression, the rhythm of the universe.

Inharmony Results from Being Outside the Rhythm

When anything goes wrong in our experience, it is because we are out of tune with this rhythm. We can observe the willow tree, how it moves with the breeze, almost flows with the breeze, and then imagine what would happen if it were to try to stand erect in that breeze or resist it. It would be broken. And so is man broken the moment he is moving outside the rhythm, outside the flow that brought him into manifestation and expression.

The rhythm from the Source maintains all creation in harmony, in law and order, and whatever it is that permits us to move in a way of our own or with a will of our own, a direction of our own, removes us from the flow of the rhythm, and then we are either in opposition to it or trying to stand erect in the face of it. Every sense of discord and inharmony that touches our experience is an evidence that we are out of alignment or out of attunement with the rhythm of the universe, and discord and inharmony are going to persist in our experience until we are once more spiritually, rhythmically attuned.

How to Return to the Rhythm

There may not be a possibility at this moment of explaining why or how we get out of attunement, but the acknowledgment must be made that as a human race we are not being governed by the rhythm of the Spirit, the rhythm of the Silence. It may very well be that it is because we insist on taking thought: we insist on a way of our own, a will of our own, a family strictly of our own, instead of recognizing the oneness of all life. It could well be that we will come partly back into the rhythm by acknowledging that there is only one family and that we are of the {same} household…, thereby uniting ourselves with the peoples of all races, of all religions, and of all nationalities. Acknowledging the common {source of life}… would in one way restore harmony.

… By tithing in the sense of acknowledging our relationship, not merely to our own flesh and blood, but acknowledging our relationship to all mankind, we place ourselves in the rhythm of that relationship. In providing for others in addition to our own, we are not merely intellectually acknowledging a relationship, but are living in the rhythm of it. We are in the rhythm of our relationship to mankind when, first of all, we acknowledge that relationship, and then act on it by making some measure of provision for others outside our own flesh-and-blood household, our own religious household, or our own national household.

Joel Goldsmith

“The Infinite way”

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