Daycare Mindfulness Initiative

Our Daycare Mindfulness Initiative is comprised of a two-part program focusing on bringing mindfulness to children and educators.

Part 1: Teacher Training Workshop
Children absorb so much from the behaviour of adults. To cultivate mindfulness in a classroom setting, it is important that educators learn to be mindful themselves first.

Our ‘MINDFULNESS FUNDAMENTALS’ is a 3-hour workshop specifically geared towards training teachers & educators:

  • The basic concepts of mindfulness
  • How to interact with children mindfully and be mindful role models
  • How to face challenges and respond mindfully in the classroom setting
  • How to create mindful energy in the classroom using Feng Shui
  • Through a combination of experiential movement, breathwork and mindfulness practice, teachers learn how to reduce stress, increase patience and coping skills, cultivate empathy, strengthen relationships while also building a personal mindfulness practice for themselves.

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Part 2: Inner Rhythm Mindfulness Curriculum for Kids
Our Kids in Rhythm Curriculum Kit provides teachers with a full tried and tested Mindfulness Curriculum for children anywhere between the ages of 3 to 6. The curriculum consists of eight different 45-minute classes that can be repeated as often as needed throughout the school years. Each of these classes have been carefully outlined to cover the main concepts of mindfulness: Finding Your Base, Awareness, Concentration & Heartfulness. Incorporating these activities in your classroom gives students a balanced and healthy experience that keeps them energized, engaged and ready to learn.

Specific mindfulness practices taught are:

  • Focus: Sensory activities sharpen your child’s concentration skills and improve memory retention
  • Move: Stretching exercises release endorphins and strengthen your child’s immune system
  • Feel: Storytelling, arts, crafts develop your child’s imagination and social-empathic skills
  • Breathe: Deep breathing calms your child, stimulates creativity and improves sleep
  • Play: Group play with children encourages communication and listening skills
  • Believe: Positive affirmations boost your child’s confidence and helps them feel in control
  • Music: Boost the brain’s learning centers, fosters creativity, and provides emotional expression.

Each mindfulness class has been carefully scripted as a step-by-step guide for teachers to easily follow. This all-in-one package includes everything a teacher would need to implement the Kids in Rhythm curriculum into the classroom.

“Kids in Rhythm” Curriculum Binder: 8 unique step-by-step 45-minute
mindfulness classes that can be repeated as often as needed throughout the school
years. Includes “Key Notes” on how to set up the room, tips on what to expect,
demonstration pictures, and props.

(8) Follow-Up Letters to Parents: After each mindfulness class, a letter is
provided to the parents explaining exactly what the child learnt that day. The letters
illustrate the benefits each exercise brings to the child, along with key exercises the
parents can practice at home to further deepen the mindfulness concept of that day.

(10) “Be Still” Mindfulness Mats: A comfortable high-quality and eco-friendly mat
to help the body with proper alignment for various mindful postures. The customized mats
tie into the theme of all our classes with a stylish and embroidered mindful phrase “I am
Love & I am Here” to encourage children to remain in a mindful state throughout the class.

(10) Mind Globes: A Mind Globe is an important tool used to teach the concept of
thought awareness in this curriculum. Our globes, which incorporate the character and
themes that are used throughout the classes, help demonstrate the mind in both a mindful
and non-mindful state.

(10) “Breathe with Me” Mindful Ozzy Teddies: A soft, cuddly and absolutely
adorable Mindful Ozzy Teddy sitting in a Mindful Pose. Mindful Ozzy Teddies help children
with fun breathing exercises and serve as a role model class prop.

(1) “Mindful Kids” Flashcards Set: 1 Set of 16 colourful picture cards, expertly
designed to develop early concentration skills, social-emotional learning and creativity.

Inner Rhythm Song & Poster: Loved by children, parents and teachers, our fun
inspirational Inner Rhythm Theme Song helps children remember positive affirmations to
encourage a healthy way of thinking and living.

Curriculum Travel Box: All the items listed above come packaged in a convenient
Travel Box to easily transfer from classroom to classroom.

Part 3: Year-Long Mindfulness Support
To help ensure the successful execution of our mindfulness program on a long term basis,
each school implementing the School Mindfulness Initiative can receive on-going mindfulness
support throughout the academic year through phone, email and/or on-site visits.

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