Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has Inner Rhythm been in the practice of teaching children mindfulness?
A: Inner Rhythm was established in 2012 however we have been in the practice of teaching children mindfulness for over 20 years.

Q: What is Share the Rhythm?
A: Share the Rhythm helps support children around the world. For each Kids in Rhythm Program, 9 children in need worldwide are given Full Free the Children schools kits so that they have resources to go to school and get an education.

Q: What gives the Kids in Rhythm program credibility?
A: Our program is tried, tested and scientifically proven to enhance children’s overall well-being including their self-awareness, concentration, decision making skills, relationship skills, and social empathy.

Q: Do you have a program for older children?
A: Yes, our Junior Kids in Rhythm Mindfulness program for ages 7 to 10 will begin in Summer 2014.

Q: Is the Kids In Rhythm program bilingual?
A: The Spring 2014 programs are in English however starting Summer 2014 bilingual programs will be offered in the Montreal area.

Q: Does Inner Rhythm have any religious influence?
A: No, Inner Rhythm has no association to any religion or religious concepts. All of the mindfulness activities are based on scientifically proven relaxation and coping techniques.

Q: Is mindfulness associated with meditation?
A: Mindfulness uses similar relaxation techniques as meditation and some do consider it a form of meditation. Mindfulness, like meditation focuses on bringing awareness to the present moment but mindfulness uses scientifically proven relaxation and coping techniques to achieve this.

Q: Can the Kids in Rhythm Program be brought to my child’s daycare or school?
A: Yes, the Kids in Rhythm programs can be brought into both daycares and schools. As parents, teachers or administration, you may contact Inner Rhythm to set up the program at your location.