From Educators

“I have worked with families and children my entire life . I have seen changes, some are great changes with new awareness. But there are some pieces on the horizon that are troublesome. Inner Rhythm’s mindfulness curriculum, learning aids and staff training is at the forefront of addressing the downsides of digital life, the hurried up pace of modern life and the need to double up on respect and thankfulness . Only though grace, focusing and calmness will a child grow up into a happy adult. Inner Rhythm’s mindfulness techniques are a giant step in that direction for families.”
– Bob Townley Founder and Executive Director Manhattan Youth
“I am a school psychologist practicing in the public school system in Colorado and I recently purchased the Mindfulness Startup Kit. The students love it! I have taken Ozzy to preschool to help a student relax and practice mindfulness and I have another student who takes Ozzy to meet his mother at pick-up time each day. The activities are creative and fun and kids just LOVE them! I highly recommend this product. It is very supportive and useful for school use!”
– Zemirah (School Psychologist)
“A good part of my work around our Brooklyn South, BFSC Mindfulness Initiative is researching the various approaches that are “out there” – in the nation and internationally – that include thoughtful curriculum rooted in scientific research data, practices and strategies aligned to the Framework for Great Schools. I have just rigorously vetted this outstanding product with Rehka on the phone and via a power point presentation in connection to an initiative I am facilitating in NYC to introduce mindfulness practice/strategies to grades PreK – 12 and believe that Inner Rhythm addresses a key area of the mindfulness movement “gap”; that is: the early grades. It is clear that Ms. Magon knows the content, the process and the benefits of mindfulness for teachers and students of the early grades. I think folks would be sort of amazed by what she has done.She has vast experience, has developed a quality product that supports our mission in NYC.”
– Barnaby Spring (NYDOE Principal Advisor: Student Services:Special Projects Borough Support Field Center Brooklyn)
“My wife and I own a center in Southern California that offers mindfulness and movement based learning tactics for adults and children called Ekata Training Center. I am a professor at UCLA specializing in kinesthetic learning as related to mindfulness and brain states. At our center we have many families enrolled along with a large population of children.

We introduced “Mindful Ozzy” after discovering him during a weekend seminar in December. “Ozzy” is quite the hit! We’ve found Ozzy to be a very useful tool as we introduce clients to the principles of mindfulness. We initially began to use him in the classroom for the 3 to 5 year old children but we learned very quickly that the older kids – and more importantly, the adults began to gain a clearer understanding of the process through the use of this simple learning tool. We’ve also found that the short lessons for children are a wonderful complement to our regular curriculum.

I highly recommend “Mindful Ozzy” for anyone who wants to share mindfulness practice with their children along with professionals who need a simple and effective tool to convey the sometimes perplexing meaning of mindfulness practice to those who are new to the practice.”
– Edward Monaghan (Co-Founder/Head Instructor of Ekata Training Centers)
The staff and students have wholeheartedly embraced the idea of Mindfulness at Elizabeth Ballantyne School. This whole new peaceful concept has allowed our school community to really see and feel the potential of alternative methods of dealing with the everyday pressures of stress and conflict. In a sense it has opened our school communities “eyes” and “minds” to the power of sound, touch, and breathing.

Rekha’s “mindfulness” approach is captivating and her calm demeanor permeates throughout any audience, classroom, or group. We have called upon Rekha for professional development workshops for the entire staff and our teachers and support staff absolutely loved the energy and philosophy that Rekha brought with her company Innerrythm.

The students have also had the experience of working on some of the Innerrythm concepts, and they were engaged and participated fully in all of the activities. As a result, our school has taken on this initiative and we have now networked with other schools that are participating in similar endeavours.

Each time we are mesmerized by the many techniques used. I was most impressed at Rekha’s ability to mobilize an entire school of 250 students during an assembly. It was absolutely amazing !!!! Our school environment is enhanced by this initiative and we look forward to what this approach will bring to our school and community.
– Otis Delaney, Principal of Elizabeth Ballantyne Elementary School
The Inner Rhythm mindfulness program was FANTASTIC! The children in our daycare learnt a lot from it and the concepts & lessons touched upon in the program have really stayed with the children for the the entire school year. I highly suggest that all teachers/educators be trained in their mindfulness training as well. In order for mindfulness to really stick with the children, the educators need to be mindful themselves so that it seeps into the classroom setting. I recommend bringing this program to any daycare or elementary school It’s a mindset that all daycares and schools should be implementing.
– Sherry from of K.I.D.S Daycare (Westmount, Montreal)
I really enjoyed taking time to really feel my emotions and putting a name to them. Also, I enjoyed knowing that you can make someone happy with just a simple grateful thought. I think this program is great and that it can make the world a better place if everybody can practice it.
– Director #1, from of Kinderville Daycares (Ontario)
I really liked that I will be able to use these practices in my everyday routine as well as being able to share them with the daycare. I think that the presentation was great and very informative. I really enjoyed this program and can’t wait to put it into practice!
– Tracy Hanstein, Daycare Director (Ontario)
This program was great. Please get it in french as fast as possible!
– Montreal Daycare Director (Quebec)
I loved the passion of the mindfulness coaches. The techniques I learnt can really benefit not only myself but the daycare setting. Can’t wait for the french program to come out!
– Director #2, from Kinderville Daycares (Quebec)
I really enjoyed the exercises we went through in every lesson and how in depth the mindfulness coaches went into each lesson. It was very interesting to find out how much you could learn about yourself!
– Director #3, from Kinderville Daycares (Ontario)
This is great program to teach young children as all the concepts are carefully thought out to present it to them in their “own words”. These are essential “tools” that they will need for their own life skills.
– Montreal Daycare Director (Quebec)