Mindful Parenting

In today’s society, one of the most challenging, demanding and stressful roles, is parenting.

The way in which we parent is crucial as it determines:

  • the heart, soul and consciousness of our youth
  • their experience of meaning and connection
  • their imperative life skills
  • their deepest feelings about themselves, and their place in the world

Yet we are usually thrown into parenting without any or little preparation, guidance or support. Mindfulness cultivates greater clarity, calmness and insight to parent with greater wisdom. To parent consciously we must engage in an inner work on ourselves alongside the outer work of nurturing and caring for our children; the essence of mindful parenting.

Mindful parenting is about connecting to our children by listening to our own hearts. It helps us become a source of unconditional love in the moment to moment interactions with our children. Parenting mindfully can be healing and transformative for both children and parents.