Thunder of Silence

As any first time mother, I was overjoyed when we found out I was pregnant with our first child. Pregnancy however was nothing like I dreamt it would be. Shortly after the first trimester, I was put on extremely strict bed rest for over 5 months to the point where I wasn’t allowed to even get up to go to the bathroom or sit up to eat a meal. I didn’t use my legs or sit up at all for over 5 months. I was determined however to change this perceived challenging situation into a opportunity for growth and inner development. It was during that time in bed that I conceptualized the vision, developed and launched Inner Rhythm, a social-enterprise which specializes in bringing mindfulness to young children, parents, daycares, elementary schools and libraries. By giving children the skills and tools to increase the awareness of their moment to moment experiences, we aspire to teach them how to tap into their Inner Rhythm and cultivate their inner voice.

Although I had a successful career as an senior auditor at KPMG, my insides were seeking something more fulfilling in which I could give back to the world. Leaving a reputable firm in which I had a steady income stream and much opportunity to make my way up the corporate ladder was a difficult decision. It meant I had to give up everything I worked so hard to achieve, start all over again and jump into the unknown. The unknown is often scary and definitely far from your comfort zone.
follow your heart

By laying in that bed, day after day removed from outer noises and distractions of daily life, my inner voice seemed to get louder. It felt as though I was experiencing the Thunder of Silence. The conviction that my calling was bigger than just being an auditor grew stronger by the day. After much self-reflection, I realized that most of my own accomplishments in life came very easily to me, because of the mindful environment I grew up in. Learning mindful skills and tools as a very young child allowed me to easily excel in life and it became clear to me that I wanted to provide those same skills and tools to my own children and to children worldwide. From there on, I resigned from the firm, travelled to California to get the appropriate training in the field, launched Inner Rhythm and never looked back!

Knowing that a child’s personality is developed by age 7, I believe that these initial years are the most crucial to really make an impact in a child’s life. Much of our curriculum and learning aids revolve around our company’s mascot, an adorable owl named Mindful Ozzy, who young children have just fallen in love with. Through this fun loving character, children remain engaged and captivated during each mindful lesson, thus creating a positive association to mindfulness from the start (with hopes of cultivating a life long journey of mindfulness). The learning aids that we designed and developed to enhance the curriculum surprisingly took on a life of their own, and we recently created a Mindfulness Starter Kit for parents to start a mindfulness practice at home with their children

Sometimes the universes forces us out of our comfort zone purposely to give us the courage and strength to consciously step out of our comfort zone again, on our own will, on our own two feet. I believe I was put on severe bed rest (twice, for both pregnancies) to be able to hear that inner voice more clearly and get the courage to leave my career and follow my true calling, bringing mindfulness to children.