Private Sessions for Kids

One-on-One Kids in Rhythm Workshops
This option brings our Kids in Rhythm Program to you!

The One-on-One Kids in Rhythm Workshops allow you to choose any location (your house, school or recreation center) and set the time that best suits both the parent’s and child’s schedules. If other parents in your circle are interested, group rates for private sessions are also available for multiple children. The One-on-One Kids in Rhythm Workshops consists of the following:

  • Our 45 minute workshop with mindful exercises and activities which have been scientifically proven to enhance the skills of self-regulation, attention and caring for others.
  • The mindfulness exercises and activities can easily be continued with the child after the program and integrated in school or home routines.
  • Specific mindfulness practices taught are:
    • Focus: Sensory activities sharpen your child’s concentration skills and improve memory retention
    • Move: Stretching exercises release endorphins and strengthen your child’s immune system
    • Feel: Storytelling, arts, crafts develop your child’s imagination and social-empathic skills
    • Breathe: Deep breathing calms your child, stimulates creativity and improves sleep
    • Play: Group play with children encourages communication and listening skills
    • Believe: Positive affirmations boost your child’s confidence and helps them feel in control
    • Music: Boost the brain’s learning centers, fosters creativity, and provides emotional expression.
  • Be Still Mindfulness Mats are provided for all children
  • Inner Rhythm SuperWord Art and Guided Journals are given to each child to take home


# of Children 8 classes Single Class
Group 5+ $158/child $22/child
Group 3-4 $175/child $24/child
Private 1-2 $495 $65

The 8 classes can be scheduled in any way that best suits the parent and child’s schedule. A Mindfulness Coach can come teach a class once a week for 8 weeks, twice a week for 4 weeks or even do a class every day over an 8 day period. We recommend scheduling the classes over a consistent period of time so that the mindfulness concepts taught in each class are still fresh in the child’s mind and there is consistency in the child’s mindfulness practice.