PED Day Workshops

Condensed Kids In Rhythm Workshop
This 2 hour workshop is a condensed version of our 8 week Kids in Rhythm Program and is developed specifically for students to partake in during school PED days or Holidays. The 2 hour workshop consists of the following:

  • Mindful exercises and activities which have been scientifically proven to enhance the skills of self-regulation, attention and caring for others.
  • The mindfulness exercises and activities can easily be continued with the child after the program and integrated in school or home routines.
  • Specific mindfulness practices taught are:
    • Focus: Sensory activities sharpen your child’s concentration skills and improve memory retention
    • Move: Stretching exercises release endorphins and strengthen your child’s immune system
    • Feel: Storytelling, arts, crafts develop your child’s imagination and social-empathic skills
    • Breathe: Deep breathing calms your child, stimulates creativity and improves sleep
    • Play: Group play with children encourages communication and listening skills
    • Believe: Positive affirmations boost your child’s confidence and helps them feel in control
    • Music: Boost the brain’s learning centers, fosters creativity, and provides emotional expression.
  • Be Still Mindfulness Mats are provided for all children
  • Inner Rhythm SuperWord Art and Guided Journals are given to each child to take home

Total Cost for PED Day Workshops : $475 per class (of approximately 20-30 students)
When signing up for 2 or more classes, you can benefit from an additional cost savings at $200 per class.

To bring our Condensed Kids in Rhythm Workshop to your child’s school during a PED day or any other holiday, have your Extra-Curricular coordinator at the school/organization contact us at info@innerrhythm.ca.

PED Day Workshops can also be held at other locations through parents’ initiatives. Contact us for more information.