We envision our children experiencing life with their fullest potential. Encouraging them to cultivate their Inner Rhythm through mindfulness, will undoubtedly manifest into abundance, harmony, and health; creating leaders that will transform our world into beautiful communities of love.


As a social enterprise, Inner Rhythm is an organization that empowers children through mindfulness by nurturing concentration skills, social-emotional learning and creativity, by providing mindfulness curriculum based workshops to daycares, schools, after-school programs, and recreation centres.

Inner Rhythm is about taking the best practises of business and the compassion of charity and applying them to better ourselves, our children, our communities and the world. For every school that implements the School Mindfulness Initiative, Inner Rhythm donates 5 Mindfulness Starter Kits to children in a Tier 1 School, while the rest of the profits are reinvested to sustain the growth of the enterprise. Inner Rhythm does not measure by the dollars earned, but by the number of children empowered through mindfulness.