From Health Care Professionals

“I was very touched in such a short amount of time and the Mindfulness Fundamentals training wasn’t even finished yet. It gave me so many good tips on how we can all be mindful, aware and create space to respond instead of react. I believe this is the answer to many of our problems especially for kids today. What Inner Rhythm is doing is amazing! They are touching and changing peoples lives everyday. I wanted to cry the whole time during the presentation because it really touched me. I think the taking 3 breaths is the most simple tool to use and like Rekha said, it’s available to us all the time. Thank you Inner Rhythm for your hard work and for spreading this message because now more than ever we as a society need this. Here is to awareness, mindfulness, and creating space!”
– Shiva Kermani (Special Operations, Hello Smile Dental Clinics)
“I had a great time listening to Rekha Magon, founder of Inner Rhythm talk about Mindfulness. I really appreciated the Gratitude and Appreciation lesson. It’s only been two days, and I already feel more at ease. I feel the “space” that was talked about. When you begin to look at things you are grateful for, you are obliged to look further into those. You become more responsive and force your mind to move its attention from negative aspects.

I only wish we had more time with Rekha during non-operational hours because it really take a toll on our stress level: “Not answering phone calls, not getting the tasks completed, or starting the day late.” But I guess there’s more to learn to avoid that stress.

I really see this program take hold with Hello Smile to improve our patient visits. Together we can really make a difference in patient’s trips to the doctor. Looking to learn and open my mind to more Mindfulness Fundamentals!”
– Monica Leong (Group Lead Clinical Operations, Hello Smile Dental Clinics)